Case Studies

As an example of the range of photographic resources I am able to bring together for my clients, I present here the following case studies for two recent projects. Both of these projects required me to work closely with my client, interpreting their requirements and creating a body of resources that provided the exposure they needed in their respective markets.

eco-Tech Sustainable Homes

eco-Tech are an innovative sustainable construction company who have created a sustainable construction system for domestic dwellings. The systemised, off-site manufactured, modular construction method employed, presents significant savings in both materials and more significantly in the construction time. Their objective was to find a way to show potential buyers just how quickly the houses can be built as well provide final photos of the completed project.

After initial consultation I suggested using flash memory sticks as a method of distributing the image content to prospective buyers as this would fit well with the sustainable ideology of the company and provide a platform for digital formats such as video and photos to present the project.
I produced a time-lapse video of the build which clearly illustrated the short initial construction process of only 4 days, and the overall completion of only 11 days.

Once produced, this resource was distributed on the clients website, YouTube and 9 other video sharing websites and included on 2000 memory sticks for distribution to prospects. Download versions for both iPod and mobile phone were made available from the clients website.
Watch the complete start to finish time-lapse video. Click the image to see the video.
In preparation for this project a test time-lapse project was put together of the St Paul's and Thames South Bank area. Click the image to see the video.
In addition to the time-laspe video, an interactive full screen virtual tour of the building interior was also produced and included on the memory sticks along with full building specifications in .pdf format. The Virtual Tour was also distributed on the clients website and a linear video version created and added to the time-lapse video for further distribution on DVD. Click on the image left to see the Virtual Tour.
Ramsay Healthcare UK

Ramsay Healthcare are one of the leading private healthcare providers in the UK with over 36 hospitals and treatment centers across England from Newcastle in the north to Truro in the south. Working closely with Ross Finch, Brand Manager, we implemented a project to create virtual tours and still photo resources for all the hospitals in the group for distribution through their website and for marketing presentations at exhibitions. In addition we are at present planning to produce video presentations of selected specialist units to increase their profile in the market and to support their B2B marketing strategy.

A comprehensive virtual tour of each hospital in the group was produced in conjunction with the individual marketing teams at each hospital. The tours were designed to represent the specialist facilities available in each location and created using a specially developed Adobe Flash module that worked with the clients established CMS system. The virtual tour images are of exceptionally high quality and viewable at full screen resolution on any size computer screen and LCD or Plasma screens up to full 1080p HD quality. Click on the image left to see the Virtual Tour